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Innovative online portal for the end-to-end management and visibility of subcontractor applications for payment

For Contractors and Subcontractors

Take control of subcontractor management and compliance

WebContractor is an innovative online portal for the end-to-end management and visibility of Applications For Payment. Subcontractors easily upload their applications into the portal where an automated work flow manages the processing, calculation, reconciliation, approval, payment and audit.

Key benefits include:

  • Increase corporate visibility of subcontractor payments
  • Integrate key dates and notifications to ensure Construction Act compliance
  • Increase subcontractor visibility of their payment application status
  • Reduce corporate risk from unknown or understated subcontractor costs
  • Address HMRC requirement for authenticated VAT receipts

How do our customers manage subcontractor applications using WebContractor?

At a recent Open ECX WebContractor event, our customers talked about about how WebContractor helps them to manage subcontractor applications for payment. Click here for information about this Open ECX event.

Benefits for…

Finance Directors

Financial Directors

  • Completely compliant, robust VAT processes
  • Faultless reporting against budget
  • Smooth cash flow and treasury management
  • Advanced visibility of financial milestones
  • Complete reporting across the supply chain
  • Efficient, prompt invoice management
  • Access flexible working capital schemes
Commercial Directors

Commercial Directors

  • Fully compliant with the UK Construction Act
  • Simple payment application processes
  • Auto link of subcontractor payment demands
  • Clear risk assessments for each project
  • View the status of new and existing projects
  • See subcontractor costs at a glance


  • Complete visibility of subcontractor account
  • Direct input of invoices
  • Create and manage Applications for Payment
  • Clear notifications of submissions and progress
  • Fully automate Self-Billing Agreements
  • Fully automate authenticated VAT receipts


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WebContractor?
WebContractor is an innovative online portal for the end-to-end management and visibility of Applications For Payment. Subcontractors easily upload their applications into the portal where an automated work flow manages the processing, calculation, reconciliation, approval, payment and audit. WebContractor will enable contractors to forge closer relationships with subcontractors, increase efficiencies, save money and ensure compliance with the UK Construction Act.
How does WebContractor work?
With WebContractor key processes like self-billing agreements, e-invoices and purchase orders are all automated. This means you’ll be able to keep track of all subcontractor applications and their progress through your organisation. VAT recovery claims are supported by prompt, authenticated VAT receipts, and everything is fully compliant with the UK Construction Act.
How will WebContractor help my organisation?
WebContractor allows you to reduce admin time, business risk and work smarter with your valued subcontractors. As your subcontractors will be able to see their payment application progress, this puts an end to time-consuming phone calls and emails to your finance staff chasing for updates. Your Financial department will benefit from smooth cash flow and treasury management, advanced visibility of financial milestones and prompt and efficient invoice management. And your Commercial team will also benefit from WebContractor through its simple payment application processes, clear risk assessments for each project and ability to view the status of new and existing projects and see subcontractor costs at a glance.
Will the data that goes into WebContractor be secure?
Incredibly secure. We take every precaution to ensure that your data and records remain yours and yours alone. That’s why our security systems are as robust as those used by the likes of Amazon and major global banks.
What does it cost the main contractor?
There is an initial licence fee followed by a monthly maintenance fee. The charges are linked to the features within WebContractor that you want to turn on and the number of subcontractors you will onboard into the solution. Talk to our expert consultants about your needs and we will provide fully inclusive and clear costings. Please call us on +44 (0)1254 915187 or email
What does it cost the subcontractors?
Great news, we don’t impose any charges on subcontractors for access to the basic WebContractor portal.
How do subcontractors get access to WebContractor?
We have a dedicated team to help your subcontractors through every step of the onboarding process. We also provide comprehensive training videos and user guides.
How does WebContractor work with finance and ERP systems?
Even if you have a finance or ERP system in place, you will still have to deal with a lot of paper and complex manual processes. WebContractor can seamlessly integrate with finance and ERP systems to add workflow automation into your processes.
How do I access WebContractor?
WebContractor is a cloud-based software solution and is accessed using a web browser and internet connection. WebContractor supports multiple devices (desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phone) and a wide range of web browsers (Edge, Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera…etc).
How long does it take to get up and running with WebContractor?
WebContractor is already hosted and running in the cloud, so we don’t need to install any software onto your servers. A typical implementation requires some consultancy and configuration services to tailor the solution to your specific requirements. This can be achieved within a matter of weeks subject to the amount of integrations required.
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