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Supporting Subcontractors through New Digitised Processes

Many business processes are being streamlined, automated or otherwise ‘digitised’ within the construction sector.  This can place strains on subcontractors to work with new systems dictated by the main contractor.  One such example is the subcontractor Application for Payment process for which the WebContractor solution is now being widely adopted.

WebContractor is a cloud-based solution for the end-to-end management of the Application for Payment process. The system also allows the subcontractor to upload Authenticated VAT Receipts, Insurances and Bonds.  The award-winning solution delivers many benefits including saving time and money, providing centralised visibility using dashboards across all projects, generating automated notifications and enforcing compliant working practices.

WebContractor is being adopted by an increasing number of main contractors on major projects but what does this mean for their subcontractors?  Subcontractors will need to be signed-up and registered in the WebContractor portal which means providing accurate information about their business and their users.  It also means uploading key documents such as insurances and keeping these up to date.  Failure by the subcontractor to properly set up their business in WebContractor could result in delays in payment or the inability to accept a Subcontract Works Order from the contractor.

Fortunately, Open ECX, the developers of WebContractor, recognised that subcontractors would need plenty of help and assistance to get their business properly set up on the portal.  Hand-in-hand with the development of the new software, Open ECX have developed a managed Subcontractor Onboarding service which provides close support to the subcontractors getting to grips with yet another new system.

Subcontractor Welcome Pack

Open ECX produce a comprehensive Welcome Pack, tailored for each contractor, which is distributed to all their subcontractors.  The Welcome Pack explains all aspects of the WebContractor solution to the subcontractor and it walks them through the new ways of working.  The pack also points the subcontractor at where they can get more help as needed either from within the software itself, or by contacting the Open ECX support team.

Perhaps the best news for the subcontractors getting to grips with WebContractor is the cost…nothing!  Open ECX do not charge subcontractors for access to WebContractor and for access to the onboarding support service.

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