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The easiest way to send and receive electronic invoices

“I’ve been really pleased with the service and support we’ve received from Open ECX. We were looking for a quick and simple eInvoicing solution that would deliver quick wins, saving us time and the hassle of shuffling huge piles of paper, and they’ve more than delivered on this.”

Paul Conford
Group Information Systems Manager, Howarth Timber

Open ECX provides a supplier-friendly way to send and receive electronic invoices. Non-disruptive to your supply chain and simple to use – Open ECX guarantees high adoption rates. As most finance applications can automatically generate and email PDF invoices, suppliers are finding this approach an easy-to-use and low-cost way to automate, reduce costs and go paper-free.

However, most receiving organisations still have to print the invoice in order to process it. Open ECX solves this problem for you. Invoices that are received via email are automatically converted into e-invoices, ready for processing.

Discover how:

  • You can save over 90% on the cost of processing invoices
  • Our service can easily integrate into back-office finance systems
  • If you are already using EDI our system is complementary and can help you achieve further savings with your lower volume suppliers
  • Our customers have benefited from eInvoicing i.e. Kier Group, Chandlers, MP Moran
  • It will benefit both the receiver and sender
  • You can automate procurement process & achieve bottom line savings

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Our system makes more effective use of capabilities already present in your customers’ purchasing systems. Revolutionise your ordering system without imposing on your customers.

If you ask a customer to use an online portal to raise orders, or to send an electronic data file in a specialised format, it is highly likely they will decline – why should they go to any extra effort for something which comes at no benefit for them?

However, every purchase order system we have encountered (over 300 and counting) has the functionality built in to send PDF orders by email, and this method sees an over 80% uptake from customers.

Discover how:

  • You can reduce time taken to process purchase orders by as much as 90%
  • Orders can automatically be matched to customer/invoice accounts and processed
  • Our customers have benefited from eOrdering i.e. Kier Group, Chandlers, Wolseley
  • You can auto-match orders
  • Reduce number of order queries
  • Reduce time spent processing high volume/low value orders

Reduce time to process orders by as much as 90%

“We had to find a win-win solution. Open ECX’s E2B process made it easier for us to receive our orders electronically and benefitted our customers at no cost to them.”

It’s been simple to deplot the system and share the beneifts with customers in our different global markets. If only all e-business relationships were this easy to set up.”

Andy Fardon
B2B Specialist, Hilti