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Improving accuracy & efficiency with eInvoicing for Chandlers Building Supplies

Boosting productivity with eHub3’s unique PDF to XML solution

eHub3 is the fastest growing eCommerce hub in the construction industry, offering a range of secure, cost-effective solutions that allow businesses to transact with their customers, suppliers and subcontractors electronically.

Open ECX has worked closely with Chandlers Building Supplies to integrate eHub3’s PDF to XML solution into their purchase ledger workflow, making significant improvements to the business by removing the need to manually process invoices and allowing them to enter a much larger quantity of documents.

About Chandlers Building Supplies

Chandlers Building Supplies is a privately-owned, independent builders’ merchant with 13 branches across the South East of England. They stock over 20,000 individual product lines that cater to the needs of everything from major construction projects, right through to smaller scale refurbishments, available to customers by delivery or collection from a branch.

Chandlers’ challenge

With a rapidly growing business selling products across the entire spectrum of building, plumbing, electrical, landscaping and construction, the number of invoices that the finance team process from suppliers is significant – and rising.

The team at Chandlers recognised they needed a way to increase the process accuracy and efficiency of invoices entering their systems. They wanted to remove the painstaking manual work associated with invoice entry and the inevitable re-keying for errors that occur when dealing with such high volumes of documents.

The eHub3’s PDF to XML solution

Chandlers engaged with Open ECX to discuss the implementation of the eHub3 PDF to XML module, which can automatically convert and validate any PDF invoice received from a supplier into an XML-based e-Invoice.

This service completely removes the need for time-consuming manual entry and eliminates human error. eHub3 receives the PDF invoices sent by Chandlers’ suppliers to a designated email address and converts the relevant information from the PDF document into XML data. The XML is then processed, validated and delivered back to Chandlers in a pre-agreed format for processing and payment through their systems.

Open ECX’s eInvoicing technology

The eHub3 PDF to XML service is built on the foundation of technology from CloudTrade. CloudTrade e-Invoicing software requires no process change on the part of the suppliers sending the PDF invoices, minimising the impact on their day-to-day operations.

eHub3 embeds CloudTrade’s technology within a platform designed for the specific requirements of the construction industry, harnessing its functionality in a way that responds best to its unique demands.

As the PDF to XML service is low impact for suppliers in terms of process change, and offers the removal of payment delays that manual process errors can have, the benefits of the service are immediately apparent and rapid adoption particularly compelling.

The team at Open ECX work with a customer’s supplier base to support them as they start to use e-Invoicing, particularly those suppliers who still send paper-based documents, to capture the hard copy invoice details and convert them into electronic data, while they move towards PDF processes internally.

Chandlers’ Result

eHub3 PDF service has made an immediate impact for Chandlers, who within the first few months of adoption have increased the percentage of documents being processed electronically to 60% (and still growing), making huge time and efficiency gains.

Increased input accuracy and speed has allowed them to redeploy staff from the purchase ledger team, moving them to higher value tasks that make more of an impact for the business. Removing the need for finance team members to carry out repetitive purchase ledger entry has also been a big overall boost in morale for the department.

The service is working exceptionally well and in February we have managed to increase the percentage of EDI documents being processed from around 25-30% in previous months, up to 60%.

This has had immediate benefits for us as we have been able to reduce the number of staff in our purchase ledger team, increase input accuracy and speeds, free up our staff to focus on higher value tasks and improve staff morale.”

Stephen Reilly, Finance and Admin Manager

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