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C & W Berry streamline payable transactions with Open ECX’s eInvoicing

C & W Berry, one of the leading independent builders’ merchants in North-West England, selected Open ECX to assist with the management of its invoices. C & W Berry has seen exponential growth over the past decade, processing between 40-45,000 payable invoices and credits each year. Purchasing from 400 suppliers a month and dealing with 1,000 different suppliers per annum, C & W Berry turned to Open ECX to help streamline these transactions.

C & W Berry operates from a single sales and distribution site – a unique model for a merchant. For this reason, C & W Berry has a wealth of transactions to process in this one office. Until Open ECX’s help, one full-time purchase ledger was manually processing C & W Berry’s payable transactions. However, this approach generated some challenges, particularly in terms of managing the flow of invoices. Although C & W Berry has seen significant development as a company, it wanted to ensure its invoice system was efficient so its relationship with suppliers was not compromised.

Manual invoicing is a costly and time-consuming approach, therefore C & W Berry required a solution which alleviated this pressure, minimising inaccuracy and errors and quickening invoice management.

Gary Higham, Finance Director at C & W Berry, said: “Before deciding to trial Open ECX’s PDF to XML eInvoicing solution we considered other options including OCR, Intelligent OCR and EDI. Once Open ECX demonstrated the PDF to XML technology to us, traditional scanning systems seemed a definite step backwards in terms of technology. As Open ECX’s solution didn’t require suppliers to make changes to their systems it was more attractive than EDI. Open ECX was chosen because its solution seemed unique to us,was the best fit, and Open ECX are keen to drive projects forward.

“Open ECX’s system fits seamlessly into our back-office system, where the eInvoicing system has enabled us to process transactions considerably faster and more accurately. Our finance system is the best it’s been, providing us with more time to focus on other aspects of the business.

“Open ECX’s support has been second to none, and has improved business efficiency, timeliness and accuracy.”

Business Benefits:

eInvoicing is time and cost-efficient, expediting the payment process so payments can be made without complication and your staff can focus on more strategic tasks.

eInvoicing is compatible with most business infrastructures, meaning information from the PDF invoices can automatically be translated into your back-office finance system.

Minimises costly paper waste and time-consuming manual invoicing.

Open ECX offers complete support and assurance during the eInvoicing onboarding process, making the switch easy for both your business and your suppliers.

Open ECX’s eInvoicing system is proven to help companies manage high-levels of invoices each month. Its specialist eInvoicing onboarding team is trained to quickly onboard suppliers in order to help businesses start processing invoices efficiently. A trustworthy and efficient solution, Open ECX’s eInvoicing keeps businesses on top of invoice management; freeing up stressful administrative processes to allow companies time to focus on their futures.

“Open ECX took control of and pressed forward with the onboarding of suppliers with little intervention from ourselves, making implementation very easy. They approached the suppliers, they obtained test transaction data from each supplier and tested it through their systems, and they produced all the XML output files. All we had to do was to provide the list of suppliers with contact details and engage our back-office systems provider to write an integration module.”

Gary Higham, Finance Director

C & W Berry Case StudyDownload PDF

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