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Drive transaction efficiencies by ensuring that real-time, complete product and pricing information is at the buyer’s fingertips.

For Suppliers

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The electronic catalogue integrates into existing procurement applications through a standard routine that drops the details into your orders, which can then be sent to suppliers at the click of a button.

Open ECX eCatalogue saves time and cost by reducing product selection errors and price mismatches. Benefits can be measured through operational performance, supplier cost-to- serve and potentially closer supplier-buyer relationships.

Key business processes

Open ECX eCatalogue supports key procurement business processes:

  • The e-Catalogue can be seamlessly accessed from within your Purchase Order session.
  • No additional usernames or passwords are required by end-users.
  • The user builds a ‘basket’ of products.
  • Search by product description, manufacturer, supplier, product category, etc.
  • View detailed product information and compare items side-by-side on screen.
  • The user ‘checks out` when finished reviewing and selecting items.
  • The basket data is transferred back into your standard Purchase Order.

Benefits to the buyer

The basis for devolving transactional buying to the site team whilst retaining effective controls!

  • Accurate, up-to-date product information available 24/7.
  • Reduced time searching catalogues and raising orders.
  • Accurate orders, delivered in real time.
  • Private catalogues – bespoke, flexible and secure.
  • Fewer abortive deliveries – images, fitting instructions etc.
  • Integration to customer and supplier back office systems.
  • No re-keying with its associated errors.
  • Better supplier relationships and potential for savings.
  • Minimal training (intuitive) – we all buy on the web.

Benefits to the supplier

The basis for protecting and growing market share!

  • Increase visibility and grow sales with key accounts.
  • Quick release of new product and price information.
  • Accurate orders, delivered in real time.
  • Efficiencies and savings.
  • No re-keying with its associated errors.
  • Reduced sale costs.
  • Fewer returns.
  • Better customer experience – quality of content and search.
  • Enhanced customer relationships.
  • Integration to customer and supplier back office systems.
  • Private catalogue – bespoke & secure.
  • Reduced debtor days.


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