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Focus on delivering business benefit

Capture the problem… Deliver the benefit…

Our consultants have extensive experience at delivering slick, resource efficient e-trading projects focused on you achieving business benefit. This has given us an impeccable understanding of how to simplify the buying process, to add real value at each point of the supply chain.

We follow a meticulous, step-by-step process to easy e-trading, broken into three defined stages, to fully understand your challenges:

Step 1

Capturing the problem

We review your existing processes, identify problems, and build a thorough understanding of them.

Step 2

Mapping end-to-end processes

Then map current end-to-end processes to fully chart all events, teams and systems in the chain.

Step 3

Delivering the Benefits

Creating a detailed analysis and delivery plan to focused on business benefits, savings, tactics and rollout method.

How We Work

Developing a tailored e-trading strategy that neatly matches your business, and financial goals is what we do best. We know that these things can take a little time, so we start by creating a full, 3-year project plan to successfully meet, and hit each of your specific objectives.

This plan will concentrate on key areas, like overall business drivers, and unique challenges, detailing the ways an improved P2P process can overcome each hurdle, improve costs and drive performance. That way, you’ll be working to a targeted plan, with real timeframes, to reduce risk and improve the quality of your P2P process.

Experience of the Complete P2P Process


Managing supply chain pre-qualification questionnaires and supplier relationships, in-house, or externally

Sourcing & Tendering

Integrating supply chain sourcing and tendering strategy to seamlessly work with our platforms


Delivering effective purchase order commitments, e-catalogues and workflows to maximise your business


Tracking all onsite delivery and mobile goods receipting for complete accountability

Document Matching

Providing clarity and control with automatically matched documents, authorisations and workflows


Neatly Integrating working capital financing, dynamic discounting and P-cards as standard