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Requirements from you as one of our key subcontrators

As a key subcontractor to Osborne, we require that you actively participate in this project, to enable us to improve the process for receiving, handling, approving and paying your Applications for Payment.

Firstly, you need to identify both the commercial and technical staff who will participate in and support the process on behalf of your business, and secondly advise on which of those representatives will have authority to approve / agree to your business participation in this programme.

Next we would be extremely grateful if you could prepare any questions, observations or concerns in advance of a conference call to be arranged next week.

Finally, please can you contact Patricia Williamson at to confirm receipt of this email.

Next Steps

Preparation for Week 2 Project Conference Call

  1. Please ensure that the welcome letter and subcontractor pack reaches the appropriate person(s) in your organisation.
  2. Please ensure you have the correct people invited on the call. Please e-mail Patricia Williamson at at Adaptris ECX to acknowledge this request and confirm details of who will attend next week’s conference call.
  3. The collective will be required to:
    1. Discuss and agree any commercial/process decisions/points
    2. Agree and schedule required resource and responsibilities for the programme.
    3. Provide the relevant user contact information
    4. Have a knowledge of Osborne’s working relationship with your company
  4. Please read through the supporting documentation and prepare any questions for the conference call; where possible please email them through in advance:
    1. Preferred Application for Payment submission process and file formats
    2. Minimum Application for Payment information requirements for successful registration
    3. Ideal format for Application for Payment supporting detailed documentation
  5. Prepare and email an example of a typical Application for Payment in one of the preferred file formats. Any file provided that is not in a preferred format may well be rejected if it cannot be recognized and used by Osborne project staff.

Support & Guidance

If you have any questions at all regarding the Osborne Subcontract eCommerce Initiative please contact:

Osborne contact, or if you have any questions regarding any WebContractor operational matters, please contact:

Patricia Williamson at

Finally, thank you for your time and positive co-operation in this matter and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.