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Key Phases of Implementation

This programme will be a phased implementation during mid to late 2015. This begins with the initial letter and subcontractor pack being issued to you and concludes with the go live of the WebContractor application for the management and control of Applications for Payment.

The key stages along with initial actions are outlined below.

Week 1:

    Issue CFO/CPO introductory letter covering the eCommerce Initiative

  • Acknowledge agreement to submit Applications for Payment electronically
  • Register the User details of the key commercial [decision makers] and Project Manager/QS and supporting technical staff that will be involved in submitting Applications for Payment
  • Issue logon IDs and once-off initial passwords etc.

Week 2:

  • Conduct initial Project Conference Call to provide an introduction to the Adaptris ECX Subcontractor Onboarding Team
  • Provide an overview of the eCommerce Initiative and to provide an insight into using the WebContractor application.
  • Run through the Help and FAQs webpages.
  • Address any fears and answer any operational questions.

Week 4:

Continuous improvement is a key imperative for Osborne and the Subcontract eCommerce Initiative is an important component of their continuous improvement strategy. Osborne expects active and positive participation from all of their key subcontractors, and welcomes both technical questions and/or commercial concerns to be raised so that the Applications for Payment process can be beneficial to all parties and be as open, transparent, and as efficient as possible.

Please feel free to raise any issues, questions and observations as soon as possible. These should be immediately directed to either your Osborne contact or Patricia Williamson at

Osborne plan to progressively implement this Subcontract eCommerce Application for Payment process beginning in the summer 2015; so your prompt attention would be appreciated.