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About Open ECX E-Ordering

Are you under pressure to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and streamline business processes? It’s likely you can find ways to achieve one, or even two of these goals, but not without knocking the other out. OpenECX’s eHub makes it simple and effective to achieve all three, through our e-ordering system.

Open ECX E-Ordering allows you to cut out the middle man

Benefits of Open ECX E-Ordering

We are often asked “how can we streamline a process which is initiated by another company?”

Our unique, non-intrusive approach makes more effective use of capabilities already present in your customers’ purchasing systems – we have worked with over 300 to date! You can measurably improve your ordering system without imposing an extra burden on your customers.

If you ask a customer to use an online portal to raise orders, or to send an electronic data file in a specialised format, it is highly likely they will decline – why should they duplicate time and effort for something which delivers no tangible benefit to them?

The Open ECX approach requires no infrastructure changes and simply takes advantage of tools and functions within your customers’

existing purchase order systems – we have managed over 300 to date – already use to ensure the maximum number of electronic orders are received into your business.

If your customers email PDF orders directly to you, you can eliminate up to 90% of the processing time over standard systems:

  • Eliminate costly paper-based systems
  • Stop re-keying information
  • Auto-match invoice and order
  • Reduce number of invoice queries
  • Eliminate rogue spending

Transition seamlessly from your old system to your new e-ordering system, with no appreciable gap in operation.

What we’re offering:

To you, the supplier:

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased visibility, transparency, and control Increased processing efficiency
  • Increased ability for rapid delivery
  • Increased opportunity for supplier discounts
  • Reduced carbon footprint

To your customers:

  • Receiving more accurate order information
  • Certainty of invoice delivery
  • Reduced number of erroneous/unfilled orders
  • Offers added value with no cost to them
How these are achieved:

By way of:

  • Orders automatically matched to customer/ invoice accounts and processed
  • Problem orders rejected straight back to buyers
  • Reduced time spent processing high volume/low value orders
  • Fewer errors means less time spent chasing corrections
  • Improving your management process and giving greater clarity of what you’re supplying and to whom, producing data which can be used for marketing and other purposes

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