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Kier has been participating in an electronic invoicing initiative for a number of years. We have now moved into an exciting new stage of the project to further expand the penetration of integrated e- commerce across our Supply Chain.

The latest phase of the e-commerce initiative is designed to integrate our key strategic suppliers into our back office process. This will be done through the use of ‘Electronic Product Catalogues’. This service will streamline the order raising and invoice matching processes with Kier – meaning that as Key suppliers you will receive electronic orders with correct order and price information. As part of this project we will also be sending to you an electronic purchase order – to be integrated into your own system and receiving from you an electronic invoice.


Firstly, Kier would like to say thank you for your support and as a key strategic supplier would like to invite you to participate in the latest phase of our e-commerce project.

The e-procurement system is supplied through our partners, Adaptris ECX’s e-Catalogue Centre (AeCC). This is a web based tool that drives transaction efficiencies which can then be sent to you at the click of a button.

The ECX e-catalogue Centre provides further savings in time and cost by reducing product selection errors and price corrections. Benefits can be measured through operational performance, supplier cost-to-serve and potentially closer supplier-buyer relationships.

Aims of the Project

  • Fast and efficient electronic order processing.
  • Streamline the order raising and automating the invoice matching process within Kier.
  • Enhance and optimise product data and promotional opportunities.
  • Enhanced relationship between Kier and our core strategic suppliers.
  • Full integration with Kier via an endorsed marketing channel.

Benefits to you, as our supplier

  • Increase visibility and grow sales.
  • Quick release of new product and price information.
  • Accurate orders in real time.
  • Reducing invoice matching delays.
  • Fewer goods returned.
  • Better customer experience-quality of content and search.

Key Phases of the Project

This project will be a phased implementation in 2014 and we will be working on a standard 12 week cycle for each project. This begins with the initial letter and supplier pack being issued to you and concludes with the go live of the E-catalogue and Integrated Purchase Orders and Invoices. The key stages along with initial actions are outlined below.

Active participation is sought from our strategic supplier’s, indeed legitimate technical or commercial concerns and questions are welcomed. Please feel free to raise any issues, questions and observations as soon as possible. These should be immediately directed to either James Bell ( or Patricia Williamson ( However, no activity or lack of urgency will be seen as non-compliance and will affect when you are taken live on this service or indeed your position as a Strategic Supplier to Kier Group.

Requirements from you as a Key Strategic Supplier

As a key supplier to Kier, we require that you actively participate in this project, to enable us to integrate key suppliers into our back office systems.

Firstly, you need to identify both the commercial and technical team within your organisation who has the responsibility, authorisation and knowledge to enable your company to participate.

Next we would be extremely grateful if you could prepare any questions, observations or concerns in advance of a conference call to be arranged next week.

Finally, please can you confirm receipt of this e-mail by contacting

Next Steps: Week 1

Conference Call Preparation

1. Please ensure that the welcome letter and supplier pack reaches the appropriate person(s) in your organisation.

Please ensure you have the correct people on the call. The collective will be required to:

  • Discuss and agree any commercial decisions\points
  • Agree and schedule required resource for the programme
  • Understand and produce catalogue data in line with the standard data requirements
  • Provide the relevant information and support for EDI formats and testing
  • Have a knowledge of Kiers working relationship with your company

Please e-mail at Adaptris ECX to acknowledge this request and confirm details of who will attend next week’s conference call.

2. Please read through the Supporting Documentation listed below and prepare any questions for the conference call, where possible please email them through in advance:

  • Preferred Data Formats
  • Standard Data Requirements
  • Draft Commercial Agreement

3. Prepare and send over a sample of catalogue data in one of the preferred file formats.

Any file provided that is not in the preferred format will be rejected.

Please also ensure you have thoroughly reviewed the Standard data requirements document and are clear on the rules around the data requirements

Please note:

(i) The mandatory field requirements for this project are:

  1. Catalogue Number
  2. Description
  3. UOM
  4. Pack size
  6. Product category
  7. Manufacturer name
  8. Manufacturer part number

(ii) Whilst attribute fields are not mandatory, they do offer increased search functionality. This enables buyers to easily identify and select your products over products that do not contain attribute information.

4. Prepare and send over any information on Preferred Purchase order and Invoice formats. This can include, but is not limited to example orders\invoices and configuration files.

5.Complete the attached supplier profile form and send over to and prior to the conference call.

N.B: If your company has multiple trading companies under a group banner you will need to complete the form for each trading company that Kier group (including Kier May Gurney) transacts with.

Support and Guidance

If you have any questions regarding this matter please do not hesitate to contact James Bell or Patricia Williamson

Finally, thank you for your time and co-operation in this matter and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the future.

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