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If you ask a supplier to use an online portal to raise invoices, or to send an electronic data file in a specialised format, it is highly likely they will decline – why should they go to any extra effort for something which comes at no benefit for them?

However, every invoice raising system we have encountered (over 300 and counting) has the functionality built in to send PDF invoices by email, and this method sees an over 80% uptake from suppliers.

OpenECX’s e-business services are available to all companies, irrespective of size, order volume, or technical capability, allowing you to:

  • Eliminate costly paper-based systems
  • Stop re-keying information
  • Auto-match invoice and order
  • Reduce number of invoice queries
  • Eliminate rogue spending
  • Automate your procurement process & achieve bottom line savings

Our fast track roll-out methodology ensures you are up and running within 24 hours of the first documents being received.

Don’t just take our word for it. This is what our customer, Chandlers Building Supplies, says:

“The service is working exceptionally well and in February we have managed to increase the percentage of EDl documents being processed from around 25-30% in previous months, up to 60%.

This has had immediate benefits for us as we have been able to reduce the number of staff in our purchase ledger team, increase input accuracy and speeds, free up our staff to focus on higher value tasks and improve staff morale.”

Stephen Reilly
Finance and Admin Manager
Reasons to choose Open ECX Ltd

Open ECX automates electronic transactions across the Construction Supply Chain, streamlining the management of supplier and subcontractor relationships.

  • We are the only business of this type focussed on construction and building supplies, and many of us have worked in or with this sector for year; we know the community, processes, systems and people
  • You’ll be joining a community comprising almost 2000 live trading relationships over 25 countries, processing monthly transactions worth almost £40million
  • Our software is application-agnostic so will integrate with your ERP or finance system
  • You’ll save processing costs whether you’re already doing EDI or are new to it
  • Our solutions are simple and scalable
  • You’ll experience a 24hr fast-track roll-out methodology allowing you to ‘connect once, trade with many’
  • You’ll receive a fully managed service with a dedicated supplier onboarding team