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Construction Industry Payments – Challenges and Innovations

Last Updated by Nikesh Mistry

Following the success of this year’s roundtable event co-hosted by Open ECX and Optal on 16th March at Mastercard’s Canary Wharf offices, we have published a White Paper titled ‘Construction Industry Payments – Challenges and Innovations’.

The White Paper explores a number of payment-related issues and challenges – and potential solutions – that were discussed by senior commercial and financial professionals from leading construction businesses, including Kier Group, Lakehouse Contracts, SISK Group and United Living.

Here is a selection of some issues and challenges discussed at the event:

  • What are the key challenges around construction payments?
  • Are there gaps in your payment process cycle? If so where, and what issues do these cause?
  • How do the challenges impact on your business’ relationship with your subcontractors?
  • What information is not clear or easily visible as part of your current payment process?
  • Does the current legislation help? Where does it fall short?
  • Do you sometimes struggle to comply with current legislation? In what ways? How often?

Find out how Open ECX and Optal are helping construction industry companies to overcome these issues and challenges.

Download the full White Paper for FREE:

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