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Pioneering e-Trading Hub Acquired in Adaptris ECX Management Buyout

Last Updated by Dominic Davison

In a landmark management buyout, the innovative 3rd Generation Trading Hub developed by software company, Adaptris ECX has been acquired by new company, OpenECX.

OpenECX is set to radicalise e-trading within the construction industry with their innovative 3rd generation cloud-based trading hub, eHub3.

World Wide Partnership with Hilti

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A leading construction products and equipment manufacturer and supplier, Hilti worked with construction e-commerce specialist Adaptris ECX to use its unique Email-to-Business (E2B) technology to encourage customers to switch from paper-based orders to email-based PDF orders that could be integrated and automatically processed by Hilti’s back office systems. The time taken to establish e-business arrangements was reduced by over 80%, at no cost to customers, while Hilti was able to make overhead savings on its administration of purchase orders and other processes.

SWH Press Release

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LONDON – UK, March 7, 2013: Adaptris ECX (Electronic Construction Exchange) today announced that South West Highways, a leading provider of highway maintenance and civil engineering construction, has implemented Adaptris technology to facilitate an electronic trading solution set to enable it to realise efficient e-commerce with its supply chain partners.